Woolworths sales miss expectations inflation low by 0

Woolworths sales miss expectations inflation low by 0.4 per cent; 0.4 per cent in the final quarter, 0.7 per cent in second quarter.

The company forecast a £2.4bn fal바카라l in earnings after-tax from September to September because of weaker results and higher costs더킹카지노, which are higher than expected.

A Woolworths spokesman said the company is aware that it is forecast to lose £80m in the first three months of the year and £350,000 from the first quarter of the year.

«We are pleased to have exceeded forecast and to have a strong fourth quarter, but the reality is that, like many companies, profitability will be affected by inflationary pressures,» he said.

Earlier this year, Woolworths reported weak sales in its most recent quarter as the downturn in the UK’s consumer sector meant shoppers stopped moving into shops.

The retailer recorded a record loss of £1.28bn in the three months to September, and a loss of 2 per cent of its profit, compared with 바카라the same period last year.

Its sales this quarter dropped by 24.6 per cent from a year ago, and its first-quarter profit fell by 22.7 per cent from 2014.

The spokesman said: «There have been more than 100 changes made to the division in the second quarter, we are pleased to be successful, and believe this is the strongest and most sustainable quarter we have had in our 10 year history.

«The business is operating in an efficient and disciplined way to ensure we continue to deliver strong results, while managing difficult economic circumstances and growing customer demand.»


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