Court hears of rise in students seeking suicide support

Court hears바카라사이트 of rise in students seeking suicide support

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A Riverside Police Department officer has been placed on paid administrative leave after a student admitted that she stabbed herself while studying abroad last week.

During a hearing Tuesday afternoon, Officer Carlos더킹카지노 Garcia admitte더킹카지노d that he shot, wounded and killed 19-year-old student Lola Sanchez last week at an area housing project.

But while prosecutors said Garcia was involved in the crime, jurors on Tuesday told a judge they did not believe he was responsible for killing Sanchez.

Police said Garcia was at the residence on Oct. 15 in connection with an armed robbery on the same date. That crime occurred near the college and was covered by the police report, which was released to the media.

Garcia said he saw a 19-year-old in handcuffs. Sanchez’s brother was at the scene and Sanchez told him he was carrying a knife, according to the police report.

But Garcia shot Sanchez in the head with his service weapon, striking him in the temple and causing him to bleed profusely, according to the police report. Garcia then used his Taser on Sanchez and a friend, telling the man to get away, the report said.

When the friend tried to escape on foot, he hit the ground and then Sanchez, police said. Sanchez then put his hands in the air and fell forward.

Garcia, wearing a bullet proof vest, then ordered Sanchez to drop the knife and put it under the car, but he refused, according to police. Garcia shot Sanchez in the back, side of his neck and the head, police said.

Sanchez was taken to Loma Linda University Hospital. He died a few hours later.

Sanchez said she was not suicidal after her injuries, but had been taking the anti-depressants Selane and Zoloft before the shooting. She also said she was seeking help with her depression as well as her weight in hopes of losing weight and getting into a better college environment, according to investigators.

Garcia is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation and the outcome of his criminal case.

Garcia’s attorney, Michael Martin, acknowledged that Garcia has become a distraction to the investigation.

«Mr. Garcia was involved in the shooting of Lola Sanchez, the attempt to commit the murder, the attempted robbery, the attempted escape, the attempted stabbing, the attempt to use a stun gun and an assault knife, and the attempt t


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